We are creating our own industry, by designing corporate level brands for people.


We Are Not A Marketing Agency.


So the thing is, we are not really a Marketing Agency.

Here is the thing. A whole lot of people and businesses waste a lot of money on marketing.

Why do we say waste? Because a lot of these people and businesses really need a way better business plan and strategies to actually get their business goals and vision in the right place.

And then the rest of those people, who actually have a great business strategy and vision in place needed to establish a system to actually be able to convert that marketing into business and that audience into leads and those leads into clients and buyers. 

Marketing when you look at it is not a well-rounded solution, it’s very limited and can be very ineffective on its own. And that my friend is a lot of people’s biggest frustration.

And a really big problem is the disconnection between all the pieces of such a complex puzzle.

Marketing Agencies are focused on marketing, content, ads, social media, they are not really looking at business strategies, systems, development… cause that’s not their job, nor their area of expertise. 

System strategists are not really looking at marketing, nor business, cause you know, they are focused on creating systems.

Business strategists are the closest to actually being the missing link, but truth be told, the majority of business strategists are a few steps behind (to say the least) when it comes down to the fast-paced world of technology, internet, marketing, and content.

So that’s where we come in, at A-M-P-L-I-F-I-E-D we don’t compartmentalize our skills, we don’t have broken down departments, we train and develop, well-rounded experts, that can put complex puzzles together and that have experience in all areas of true business development.

We are creating an industry of our own. We are creating our own league.

But anyway, we are glad you are here now, you might have experienced a failure or two, a frustration or two, and you can totally relate to what we are saying.

Well, we can tell you this, what you are about to experience will completely change the way you see your business.

It's time to amplify your brand, your business, your reach, and your voice. And that's what we do.


Ultra-custom content. With full-scope brand strategy, embeded.


What We Do


We make dreams come true.  Very differently than any marketing agency or website designing company... We create visions and translate them into fully functional, strategic brands, full of layers, emotions, and effective strategies, delivered to you with all the tools and training you will ever need to understand, launch, grow, and/or scale your business bigger and better than your wildest dreams.

How We Work


Our secret weapon is the type of creative professionals that we have carefully and extensively training to deliver our packages. Each of our professionals is training to understand, design, and deliver brands, content, websites, and strategies for any client, in any industry. Because they use a proprietary system to get the data and information they need to creatively and strategically develop the most effective and visually striking brands you have ever experienced.

Who We Are


Created by Livia Fisher-Kane, brand developer and marketing strategist with over 20 years of experience working with multi-billion dollar brands, celebrities, athletes, influencers, startups, small businesses, and independent professionals, with the mission to empower people, entrepreneurs, and artists by proving them access to the highest standards in business, brand development and marketing at an affordable price.

How We Deliver

Everything starts with you answering our smart, interactive forms that have been formulated to connect your vision and your needs to a perfect matched creative within our team.

Every element, in every package we offer, comes ready to use, fully customized, and personalized for you. On top of that, you will receive training and templates for everything we deliver so you can continue to create, update, change, customize, everything,

On top of that, we also offer monthly memberships so you can continue to receive custom content, templates, resources, ideas, and training.